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adidas Glitch

Adidas Glitch offers enhanced fit like no other cleat. Consisting of an interlocking Inner Shoe and a laceless Outer Skin, GLITCH cleats give you greater ball control and the ability to change up your look whenever you want. Just whip off the outer, and pull on another in its place. Not online, not in stores: all things GLITCH are released exclusively via the mobile app, which is available only in the United Kingdom, Germany and France for now.

If you want the feel of leather on your feet, then you will love the Adidas Glitch!!Take a look at our  Adidas Glitch football boots.We offer you the widest selection of top quality Adidas Glitch at the best prices.All our football boots are at greatly discounted prices.Come and pick up a pair of these Adidas Glitch boots for yourself today from!!!

4 products available

4 products available